Friday, June 27, 2008

Eyes can play tricks on you - especially on youtube screenshots!

I was just browsing through YouTube for something a moment ago when I came across a video that was apparently video of many different couples (tv & movie). 

Normally I don't bother with these types of videos because, seen one, you pretty much have seen them all. However I clicked on it because I was certain the screenshot was of Melanie & Lindsay from QaF.

After watching all the way through I was wondering why I hadn't seen them in the video when they were on the screenshot.

So I saved the picture so I could get it a bit larger and figure out who it was that I had mistaken for Melanie
& Lindsay.
Well here it is...
                                                                                                                                       Clark & Chloe from Smallville!!! 

I was totally shocked because I was just so certain! 
I'm cutting myself some slack though because the screenshot on a search page on youtube is small enough to deceive you if the picture isn't 100% clear! Still a bit embarrassing thinking superman and his best friend were a lesbian couple!

Oh well, looking at it from another angle - I got kind of close - the shows were both filmed in Canada!


Queers United said...

i hate that youtube screens are so tiny

Sh@ney said...

Hi again sweetie,

I have done you a special post on my LGBT Bloggers List & also made you a banner for your header as a little welcome gift. You can grab it from there but that is entirely up to you.

Here is the link: