Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes I'm still alive!

It was interesting, last night I received an email that upset me a lot and I suddenly was desperate to write here again, but for the life of me couldn't remember my password to get in! So I spent the rest of the night going nuts at blogger because it wouldn't let me in! Obviously being emotional and overtired didn't help my case, considering I tried just 3 times today and I found my way in again! Yay!

I think I really need to remember to write here often as looking back, when I do regularly I actually get things done, it is when I slack off here I also slack off in real life!

I won't go into the email fiasco right now as it is very late and I have to take my daughter to netball in the morning, but I'll be back tomorrow to discuss it. Although I've lost the fury I had the night I received it, I still really need to vent!! Be back later...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last count... 9 "Muuum"'s since putting both kids to bed 15 minutes ago!

I'm about to go out of my mind!!! Why can't they just go quiet at bedtime! I don't insist they sleep immediately... but they keep asking for me constantly! If it was just I want waters or I'm colds I'd be ok... but they are calling me to tell me things they could have told me 1 hour ago when we were having family time!!!!!

grrr. I really need some grown up time!

Man! Even after posting to say how slack I've been with blogging... I still forget to post again!
I'm hoping I'm back on track again! A few things have happened which have given me a kick up the arse to get going with my life! Mainly... getting interested in reading again (no matter what books they are, the mere act of reading inspires me, a really good book is just icing on the cake), my never ending headaches disapearing for the last 3 days (touch wood that they stay away for a while), my son going to school full time (just started full time last week), and my ex cutting all child support bar a measley $6 a week that the child support agency believes is fair considering his income! Waiting to see if he tries beyond the amount they say, but in the mean time somehow I have to find work to fit within school times when I haven't worked in over 8 years!!!

The most exciting thing that has got me going though is that I've found my calling!!! There are a few things I'm interested in, but I was always easily discouraged from following through because they weren't good career options. I suppose I could never see a career in them either. Hard to believe you can be a writer or historian if you aren't confident in your ability!

I've finally worked out what it is that I can't be discouraged from as I'm just too interested in it for anyone to discourage me! Next year I'll be going back to Uni to do an Arts degree, majoring in Anthropology! As soon as I started thinking about it I got so excited about my future prospects. Here I was for the last year thinking that I would end up in some repetitive reception job, or exausting childcare position. Not that they aren't ok jobs to have, but I've always dreamed of something else, something fascinating where I could learn new things all the time!

Now I've just got to figure out how to be a good single mum while going to Uni full time and also working enough to support us!!!!

Well I'm off to read more of Stephanie Meyer's 'Breaking Dawn'. I've already finished the Twilight Series, but it is just so addictive I keep reading back over them! I love reading, but beyond the internet, stopped reading for ages... this series got me back into it and I'm excited about reading more now! Once I can get my head out of the series again, my next book to read is another vampire book... 'The Vampyre: The Secret History of Lord Byron' by Tom Holland.

Will report back about it when I'm done!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just had to add that one quick little thing in before I go to bed (yes I'm up past 12am... got an aversion to sleep!)

I can't believe she is already 8 - wow that time went fast!

I'm back I'm back...

Sorry, been distracted by life and missed out on blogging about experiences that this blog was set up to blog about! Nothing too exciting... but very slow steps towards 'getting out there'.

Will write about them at a later point (really late now).

I've recently joined up on 43Things and just saw the option for sending posts from there to your blog. Since I've been writing there everynight, I thought I'd send them over here too! They are not at all long or probably even interesting to most people... but I thought it might keep movement over here between the times I can actually write something more interesting! :-)

Although if you are a fan of watching self improvement.. you might find the 43Things posts interesting! By the end of this year I'm determined there will be a whole new me!