Monday, June 23, 2008

Eyelids & Bandaids do not mix!

Talk about panic! While I was sweeping a moment ago my son was playing with opening bandaids. He has done this before without problems arising, so I left him to it.

Unfortunately, I had just finished  when I heard a gasp, I looked at my son and his eyes looked like something from some weird science fiction movie! 

He had decided to put bandaids on his eyelids! The gasp came when he wanted them off but realised it would hurt. 

I had a minor panic attack picturing having to drive to the doctors to get help as if I need to help him with something and he doesn't want help - he is too strong for me to hold down. Luckily he managed to get them off himself - as he ran away as soon as I tried.

He's all ok now - no problems at all. His beautiful eyes are still perfect, and the beautiful long lashes are still there. 

And I'm still here, heart still beating faster from the panic. 

I swear I'm surprised I don't have grey hair yet! 

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