Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I need sleep!

I was going to head this post with the title of "I'm such a Moron", but thought calling myself a moron might be counterproductive to my efforts to improve my self esteem!

I seem to have a weird compulsion to delay going to bed every night! I tell myself I'll go to bed by at least 12am, but quite often an hour or 2 hours later, I'm still up... on the computer or watching tv. 

I know part of it is because I get such limited time to myself, I try to grab as much as I can while the kids are asleep... but I do it even when the kids dad has had them all day so I've had plenty of time to myself.

I've read that the optimum amount of time to sleep is 6-8 hours. I sometimes manage the 6 hours, but that's only if I wake up at the last possible time that will enable me to get my daughter to school on time.

I'm always tired and run down. I'd planned to go to the gym every day this week and only managed it once so far. I was planning to today, but woke up feeling like crap. And I know that this cold I now have probably wouldn't have hit me if I wasn't run down.

It is so frustrating - especially as it is all my fault! I'm doing this to myself, and in doing so hampering my efforts  to improve myself.

Well no more! I'm going to state here and now that I refuse to do this to myself anymore! Barring non sleeping kids and the occasional fun night out I will be going to bed by 12am every night! I'll make sure to blog here about my progress to keep me accountable! Probably not the most interesting posts to add to a blog, but I'll try to keep them short and sweet!

Just hoping I actually make it to tonight before I fall asleep!