Friday, June 20, 2008

Chuckle Chuckle

My ex came around to spend some time with the kids this evening. It was actually pretty relaxed for once. We are normally pleasant to each other but there is a layer of awkwardness in any of our interactions.

I think he got too relaxed because he accidentally called me 'Babe', like he used to. I could tell he realised because he paused for a second, then went on with what he was saying.

I just find it hilarious. It was when he started calling me by my name rather than 'babe' I started to realise we were on the downward slope. Now we are apart and he said 'babe' again!

Guess it's a good thing his girlfriend wasn't here... no matter that I'm no threat to her at all, I still don't think she'd appreciate her boyfriend calling his ex a pet name!

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