Monday, June 23, 2008

With Plumb???

Ok, I know being picky about someone else's writing I'm just asking for someone to point out mistakes that I'm sure to make at some point... 

Just can't help myself though. Recently I came across someone's writing where they finished a sentence stating the character did something 'with plumb'. 

The mood of the piece was actually quite serious, so cracking up because the character who should have done something with 'aplomb' is doing it 'with plumb', really kind of ruins the flow!

What I'm wondering is... was it a simple spelling error from lack of proof reading or does the writer go about writing 'with plumb' everytime they mean aplomb?

For the writer's sake, I really hope it was the former rather than the latter!


nina said...

ack! fighting my chronic fear of making an ass of myself in public...

one time i wrote lushious instead of luscious...

i also purposely do not use capitals in honor of e.e. cummings...

oh... and did i mention my generous, inappropriate use of elipses?

*winky face*


butterfly said...

One of my biggest mistakes was actually out loud -
When I was about 15 I thought I was being very cultured by adding the word subtle to a sentence.

Unfortunately I pronounced it sub-tle!

Luckily it was only to my mum, but I cringe at how many times I said it incorrectly before she picked me up on it!!!