Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh My God - We have ducks in our backyard right now!

I was just looking out my kitchen window and saw two ducks in my backyard! I have never seen ducks here before. I live in the outer suburbs so it is a bit more leafy than the inner suburbs, but I don't have a pool for them to be interested in and to my knowledge there isn't a pool in my surrounding neighbors places!

When I went outside to get a picture of them they waddled all the way to my back door - I wouldn't have been surprised if they had let me pat them! (Didn't try though, because  then my son would have tried and probably poked their eye out!).

They are obviously looking for food, but I didn't give them any because I remember being told that bread is actually bad for them - besides, as much as they are a lovely surprise - I don't think it would be healthy for them to set up house here when we don't have a pool!

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nina said...

hee! once in a lifetime far away we had a mama duck who showed up alone, injured. she lived in the little pond we had (2ft deep 4 ft wide) later in the summer a daddy duck showed up and stayed with her until fall. one day they flew away together. next year they came back... and the next... the next year i realized i was a lesbian and flew off myself... not sure what the ducks did...