Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why on earth is it so exciting to see a Kookaburra???

I could understand getting excited about seeing a Kookaburra if I wasn't from Australia, or even if I lived closer to the city therefore rarely saw one.

But I live in outer suburbs where there is bushland a short walk away. We hear kookaburras quite often and have had them in our backyard over 10 times that I have noticed.

So why is it that everytime I see one I call for the kids to come have a look and I just stand and watch even if the kids aren't with me????? 

Sure they are rarer than magpies (we have about 8 of those that hang around our garden and totally freak me out during swooping season), but they're not as rare as a Koala in a tree here (that happens about once every couple of years). I just don't understand where my excitement is coming from!