Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yay! I can finally watch The L Word!

There are a few tv shows that I love, but it so happens that 3 of them aren't what kids should walk in on.

Dexter, Queer as Folk & The L Word.

My problem? I have pretty much an open plan house and my son's bedroom opens off the loungeroom - and he can't go to sleep with his door closed.

So I have to wait till both kids have fallen asleep, then watch my show. Unfortunately this doesn't normally happen till after 11pm... which means that I just know I'll end up going to bed late again.

I just got the 2nd season of The L word from ebay and I'm sure that it will be as addicting as the first season was. 

Ok I'm going to state right now that I will only watch 1 episode tonight. Maybe stating that will be enough to stop me from watching the first dvd all in one go! We'll see...

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