Saturday, July 12, 2008

Note to self: Try to keep your urge to come out under wraps tonight!

Ok, so I mentioned that I'm having a girl's night tonight. Of course - this includes drinks. 


None, except for the fact that under the influence I always seem to get the urge to share secrets that I really don't need to share.

It will even be harder tonight because two of the girls coming, I'm already out to. The other one coming is a really close friend that I want to tell, but I'm not sure of her views yet. It is doubtful she'd have problems with it, but I'd rather sound her out in a controlled environment (or rather an environment in which I'm controlled - lol), so I know for sure if I can tell her before I come out to everyone.

So this is basically a reminder to myself - drink, be merry - but DON'T SHARE!!!

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half said...

You just reminded me of funny thing my sister told me! She was at a party this weekend with some old high-school friends, one of who she hasn't seen for a while. So her and this friend are chatting about people they know, and the friend says "oh I saw someone who I thought might have been your sister (ie me!) but I couldn't imagine why she would be at Spencer Street?" So my sister tells her that I pass through there to and from uni a couple of times a week so yeah it was probably me. And the friend says "SHE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A LESBIAN!"

Me! Oh dear! Actually I was just so relieved that she hadn't busted me doing anything naughty!

My point? If you are going to be keeping yourself in the closet with the school-gate-gaggle you need to be seen less with me and maybe try to hit on my hubby at assembly?

I am going to start spreading rumours about you keeping your poor defenceless canaries awake until nearly three in the morning. So if anyone asks me if your kids are well-cared for I can say YES, but please save the birds!