Friday, July 11, 2008

Girls Night Tonight!

Well, my kids are at their dads again so I'm all on my lonesome!

I've actually organised for a few friends to come over this evening. I've got one definite and 3 most likelys. Unfortunately tonight is the last Saturday of the holidays so most people have got something on, but even if it is just me and one friend it will be a fun night. Much better than sitting here all on my lonesome.

I plan to have friends over each Saturday night that my ex has my kids and I've got about 5 girls saying they'll definitely be here for the next one.

I figured, I don't want to spend the evening alone, but I'm not ready to go out and meet people yet and also I have no money to go out. What better idea than to open my house to other mums that need a few hours away from their kids!

Anyway gotta go - I'm trying to get a whole lot of decluttering done before anyone arrives tonight!

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half said...

Note to selves for next time - we can sit on the big comfy sofa! I don't think I have ever sat on your sofa! We always seem to take up that vantage point at the table where we can keep an eye on four kids in usually three different directions.